Not as Exciting as I'd Like.....

Well, as I noted in my last post here, I won a free entry to the $350 All Vegas Poker Tour 3 Day No Limit tournament, an inagural event.

I was very excited to win and I hoped to have a very exciting follow up post about a huge win for me, but alas, it was not to be.

I played 4 hours, made it to early in Level 7.  But I was unbelievably card dead the whole time.  A few attempts to make a move worked, most didn't.  With a little more than 10x blinds and ante's, in the small blind so I was already invested in the hand, I found pocket 4's.  A guy with a few more chips than me made a small raise, I hadn't seen a better hand than 4's in over 90 minutes, so I shoved.  The other guy had two 7's, nothing hit, and I was done.

But I had a lot of fun and I'm sure glad I got a free chance to make a nice score.  There were only around 46 runners for day one, and I lasted until about 27.  One thing I have to say....I was worried that players in an event that cost $350 to enter would be way out of my league, but I sure didn't feel that way.  I didn't see anyone at any table I was at who I felt had me totally outclassed as a poker player.  I was just card dead. I know I didn't play great, and I know I was not aggressive enough in the face of a series of bad starting hands, but I didn't see anyone else playing brilliant poker either.  I certainly feel if I had gotten an average range of decent hands, I could still be playing.  Oh well.

Perhaps equally disappointing, there weren't even any unusual or outrageous memorable hands to blog about.

It was great to meet Jon & Lizzy from AVP and thanks again for the prize; I only wish I could have taken better advantage of the freeroll.  
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Not as Exciting as I'd Like.....
Not as Exciting as I'd Like.....
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