Just a Little Shovin', Early in the Tourney.....

It's been a very nice trip so far. Yesterday I cashed out in the 1PM Aria tournament and in the process, met a very nice British woman who I made a great read on.  I will be blogging the details in the near future.  The night before I made a great recovery in a cash game when three hands returned me from the dead.  Again, details to follow.

All I have time for right now is something I forgot to mention when I was talking about the Friday night Orleans tournament last week.  The story of that tournament is here but now I want to get to what I forgot to mention in that post.

The tournament had just started, starting stacks were $12,500, blinds were 50-100.  In early position, seat 9 opens with a $300 or $400 bet.  Fairly standard.  Seat 1, immediately to my right, says "all in."


This was the 3rd or 4th hand of the tournament.  Everyone still had pretty much their starting stack.  People were still finding their seats (remember, there ending up being 307 runners in this event, a record for them).  And the guy shoves???

I'm sitting thinking what hand he could possibly have where that move makes sense.  I had crap anyway, but everyone else of course folded and the original raiser hesitates just a bit, laughs a little, and then shows pocket 10's as he mucks them.

Shover takes down a whopping $450 or $550 pot.  He doesn't show.

Again, I'm thinking, what hand justifies this?

If he's got Ace's or King's, he's sure as hell not getting value for his pre-flop monster.  Who the hell is gonna call him?  He gets a very small pot, when, presumably, if he 3 bet he might get a call and been able to win more chips.

If he has a lesser hand, Queens, Jacks, AK, sure he gets that dinky pot in most cases, but he does risk running into a bigger hand--there were still players to act after him, and for all he knows the pre-flop raiser has Aces or Kings himself. 

Suppose he has a garbage hand and he is just making a move to steal it?  Wow, talk about high risk, low reward!  He's unlikely to get called, true....but if he does, it has to be by someone with a better hand.

I just couldn't believe a move like that, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I wondered if this guy was going to keep doing that, and then I'd really have to adjust my play.

But no, that was the only time he pulled that crazy move.  I wouldn't say he was a great player, but he was at least a reasonable one the rest of the time he was there, until he busted out.  He made a weak call to bust out (don't remember the details) but he never did anything near that crazy again.

Now later, when he was out of hand, I heard him to explain to someone, not sure if it was the guy he shoved against or someone else, that he had AK.  And he does that early to either "double up or go home early."  Hmm.....if that's his goal, why not just take his $125 buy-in and make one bet at the Craps table or the Roulette Wheel?  Why thrust such insanity on a poker game?

And of course, how is he gonna double up if there's almost no chance he'll get a call, unless it's by someone who a hand that's better than AK.

Of course, he only said he had AK, he didn't show it.  So it could have been bullshit.

But wow, that was a weird move.  If anyone has a good explanation for it.....or a justification for it, let me know.

Because I just don't get it.
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Just a Little Shovin', Early in the Tourney.....
Just a Little Shovin', Early in the Tourney.....
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