Nut Flush Draw at Planet Hollywood

Last night I decided to give the Planet Hollywood poker room a try.  Despite what I'd heard, there were a couple of very solid players, mostly ok players and not that many fish.  I did ok.

Bought in for $200.  Got A/K clubs in early position, raised.  Two callers.  The flop is 9/10 Clubs, Queen of hearts.  So I flopped nut flush draw and a nut straight draw. 

Led out with a continuation bet.  New player at table who had bought in for $100 shoves all in.  With all those outs, and having him covered, I called.

Turn is a low club giving me the nuts.  River is another meaningless club.  He had flopped a straight.  Tough going, guy.

One guy at the table claimed to have been a college basketball player back east who tried to make some money by shaving points on one game where his team was a heavy favorite.  It failed because he and the other guy who was in on it--the point guard--were on the bench at the end because he game was such a slaughter, they couldn't make the game closer.  Interesting.  Of course no one ever lies at a poker table, right?

The room is nice, but it is noisy.  I got a bad seat to view the eye-candy that the place is known for, but I still saw some. 

They have a "Pleasure Pit" where supposedly hot girls in lingerie type outfits deal able games, and gals in bikini type outfits dance behind them.  Not a lot of the girls were all that hot, frankly.  Most were just ok.

Actually I've been there during the day and there's a blonde dealing Let it Ride and 3 Card Poker who could pretty much get me to do anything she'd ask of me for one night with her.  Just sayin'
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Nut Flush Draw at Planet Hollywood
Nut Flush Draw at Planet Hollywood
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