Pocket Kings--A Small Victory

Last nite I had a small victory with pocket Kings.  Got them on the button, four limpers.

I thought about actually folding for a second.

Not really.  But I did seriously consider limping.

But I did the right thing.  Based on table action at the time, a $10 was actually on the small side for a raise, so I made it $10.

Two callers, flop is all low cards, rainbow.  Checked to me.  I bet $20, no callers, and claim the pot.

Small pot, but it sure as hell beats losing a big pot with this hand!  And it proved I can win with pocket Kings!

For a good laugh, poker players should check out this post from the Grump:  http://pokergrump.blogspot.com/2012/01/poker-gems-447.html
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Pocket Kings--A Small Victory
Pocket Kings--A Small Victory
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