"This is the Bellagio, Dude"

Here's a quick little story from my visit to Vegas last month.  One afternoon I busted out of the Aria tournament prematurely and decided to play a No Limit cash game as I had been doing most of the trip.  Since Aria's No Limit is 1/3, not 1/2, I decided to take the tram to The Bellagio since they have 1/2 NL.

Only played in Bellagio one previous time, a long time ago.  I played in the 4/8 limit game and didn't like it.  But maybe I'd like it more as a 1/2 NL player?  It was worth a shot.

I actually did ok there, but not as good as I should have.  I could see myself playing there again.  If only the place wasn't so freakin' big. So much walking.

Anyway, I was playing there for about half an hour when I realized that they required new players to the table to "post" the Big Blind amount, or wait for the Big Blind to come to them in order to play their first hand.  This was the rule at almost every Vegas casino when I first started playing poker, but I thought it had totally disappeared.  It seemed that all of the casinos I'd played in for at least the past year--and probably longer--no longer required you to post.  You could get a hand right away for free.  I assumed this was Vegas wide.

But apparently Bellagio hadn't gotten the memo.  I hadn't noticed it at first because I started playing there at a brand new game that had just opened.  So when I saw this a couple of times, I asked the dealer about it.  The dealer was a chatty, older lady who can best be described as "fiesty."  I said, "You require new players to post?  I thought all the Vegas poker rooms did away with that?"

She said, "Not here.  Here you have to post."

"Interesting, did you just start that up again, or has it always been that way?"

"Always.  This is the Bellagio, dude.  We want the money."
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"This is the Bellagio, Dude"
"This is the Bellagio, Dude"
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