I Expected the Burger to be Served on a Bra, Not a Bun

I am about to ruin my fellow blogger grrouchie's day. 

He calls himself grrouchie and tries to project this image that he is mean and grrouchie and nasty and an overall bastard.  That's why people love his blog right?  For the snarkiness.

But after playing poker with him for 2 days, and even breaking bread with him, I am here to tell you that is a really nice guy, and an honorable guy, not at all "grouchy".  He is in fact a prince among men.

In addition to the fun we had at the poker table, and I use the word "fun" advisedly since we both took our share of whippings, he was nice enough to treat to me a very nice meal at a nice burger joint, Le Burger Brasserie.  He used his comps to pay, but those were hard earned comps he slaved over many a poker table to obtain.  What a great guy.  Of course I offered to return the favor next time, but, really, can I be trusted to keep my word?  I am, after all, a poker player.  So we'll see.

Not only was the burger tasty and yes....they served it rare, as any true burger aficionado would insist upon....but the waitstaff was nothing but comely young ladies in skimpy, lingerie type attire.  And yes, there were bosoms to be ogled.  Not bare bosoms, but to be sure, but plenty of cleavage in outfits that were not only low cut but tight to emphasize the chesticles area.  Most of the girls had big tits very nice figures, so it was a very appealing atmosphere to enjoy munching on a nice sized portion of dead cow.  Yes, grrouchie, it was dead, but only very recently so, judging by the red blood flowing out.  Or was that ketchup?

My only disappointment came from realizing that word "brasserie" is entirely different from the word "brassiere".  What a difference the relocation of a letter has!  I was trying to imagine exactly what a "burger bra" would be!  Would the girls be holding up their bosoms with the burgers?  And then serve them that way?  Would the buns be actual edible bras?  Nope.  Apparently "brasserie" is just a French word for restaurant.  Sigh.  But still, with the outfits they were wearing, it wasn't that far off.  I did see the girls' bras, and a lot of flesh not covered by the bras.  Which shockingly, is something I like.

OK, truth be told, the preceding references to "bosoms" were added entirely for the benefit of one specific young lady who reads my blog and who spent the last two nights accusing me of being "obsessed with bosoms."  You know who you are, missy, and I hope you enjoyed the boob talk. 

During our dinner, I bet the ears of several of our fellow blogger buddies were burning. We talked a lot about the poker blogging community and certain popular bloggers. It was all good. That was really fun. 

grrouchie is such a nice guy that he didn't even criticize me for the horrible poker playing I exhibited during our time together.  So thanks for that and the burger, my friend, and sorry to blow your cover.
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I Expected the Burger to be Served on a Bra, Not a Bun
I Expected the Burger to be Served on a Bra, Not a Bun
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