Sexual Harrassment In The Work Place

Just got back from Vegas, so I hope to start doing some of those lengthy blog posts I'm noted for and that Josie hates.  Unfortunately. because of all the fun I was having, I got behind in taking notes, and I can only hope the notes I hastily typed tonite covered everything of importance. 

But for now, here's a quick little "woman said" story since the previous two posts were so poker heavy.  Of course it took place in the BSC poker room, on my second nite in town.  I was near the podium talking to Prudence while her boyfriend Tom was helping out there during a break.  I guess he was covering for Jane, the floor person who was one of the players in the "Rita's Rack" post which you can find here.   Jane returned to take her place behind the podium and Tom moved to come around to join Prudence and me in front.

But Prudence noticed something as Tom got off the chair.  "Dude, you just elbowed Jane in the boob."

Tom said, "I couldn't help it, they're big and they got in the way."

Jane was not bothered, either by the elbow or the comment.  "Don't worry.  They get in my way sometimes too."

Prudence commented that Tom could be charged with sexual harassment in the work place.  Jane agreed, but just laughed.  No charges will be filed.  I guess that's Vegas.  If I had said what Tom said at any place I worked, I'd be sent to H.R. or worse.

Tom was going to change out of his dealers uniform to play this nite.  Suddenly Mike (most recent story here) came by to talk to Tom.  But Tom had to go the break room to put on a normal shirt. 

Tom told Prudence he was going to change, and Mike said to her, "Yeah, and I'm gonna watch."

Prudence said to me, "Should I be jealous?"

I laughed and said, "I dunno, but I think I just got a blog post."
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Sexual Harrassment In The Work Place
Sexual Harrassment In The Work Place
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