Really Bad Beat (But At Least it Wasn't Me)

Note....right now, as I post this, I'm back in Vegas.  As I said last time, if any of you in Vegas, either because you live here or are visiting, would like to get together for some poker or whatever, drop me an email or a tweet.  I have a sorta private game to play in tonite, and I will probably hit the Orleans Friday night tourn at 7PM tomorrow night.  Otherwise, I'm pretty open.  Contact info is to your right.

But for last hand to report on from my pevious trip to Vegas, last month  It was a brutal bad beat. The good news I wasn’t the loser of the hand.  The bad news was, I wasn’t the winner, either.

Once again playing at the M Resort  2PM tourn with the add-on/prize guarantee described here.  I didn’t have much luck, but it wasn’t as bad as the fellow to my immediate left, a poker dealer around town, and who is a twitter follower of mine, and vice versa.  Dunno if he reads the blog or not, perhaps after this post I’ll find out.  I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to give him a phony name, other than, at this point, I just can’t help myself.  So I’ll call him Steve.

It was a few rounds into the tournament, I guess after the break.  Since it isn’t a very deep stack tournament, by now a lot of folks were short-stacked and had to make moves.  So Steve shoves after a flop of Q-10-6, the first two cards are both spades.  He has pocket queens for a set.  He is called by a shorter stack, a player he knows, who he has dealt to regularly.

Short stack turns over AK spades.  I don’t recall the preflop action, I assume there was a raise and a call, I don’t remember who raised.  So now AK spades has nothing, but he has a hell of a draw.  Any spade gives him the nut flush, a Jack gives him the nut straight.  A Jack of spades gives him….well, come on, what are the odds?

The turn is harmless 8 of clubs.  As the dealer is about to put the river card out, Steve calls out, “Come on, a red deuce.”  Instead, it was the Jack of Spades!
“Or that,” he said meekly.  Any Jack, any spade would have beaten his set of Queens (except for a spade that would have paired the board), but that particular spade gave the other guy a friggin’ Royal Flush!  Ouch.  Double Ouch.  Triple Ouch.

I’ve seen Royals a few times before, in cash games.  I got beaten by one once (story told here).  I got a great bad beat story when a girl lost to one when she had quad Jacks (story told here).  But I’ve never seen a Royal in a tournament before.  That was a first for me. 

Steve was a pretty good sport about it.  He took out his cell phone and snapped a picture of the board, which you see here.  He tweeted the pic.

Crippled, he busted out not long thereafter.  At least it was only a $55 tournament!

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Really Bad Beat (But At Least it Wasn't Me)
Really Bad Beat (But At Least it Wasn't Me)
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