Grumpy & Grrouchie & Prudence....Oh My!

Wow, what a night.  I don't have time to go into details, but it was one helluva a poker session tonite, what with Poker Grump, Grrouchie, and Prudence all at the same poker table. Three bloggers and the effervescent Ms. Prudence all at the same poker game?  Needless to say, hilarity ensued.   For now, I can just tease the inevitable marathon blog post that will eventually be produced from this epic night.  You see, I had never met Mr. Grump before, and it was indeed a pleasure to finally not only meet him but actually play some poker with him.  As with grrouchie, I found he is very much misnamed....not at all the Grump he would like you to believe he is. He is a very nice guy and I look forward to many more meetings and poker sessions with him, where hopefully he won't take too much of my money.

Some of the topics from tonite that will be blogged about (eventually):

Prudence pointing out to me a woman with the largest breasts (and most cleavage) in the history of poker players.  Seriously, this gal makes Jennifer Tilly look prepubescent.   What was funny and what was not discussed tonite was that earlier in the day, I had seen a stunning looking female poker dealer who pretty much had the largest breasts I'd ever seen on a poker dealer, who was actually dealing with plenty of exposed cleavage. A cleavage-exposing poker dealer? Definitely a trend I'd like to see continue.

Grump demonstrating to us personally the power of his favorite hand, the mighty deuce-four.

Josie's breasts and cleavage, which were indeed discussed, although we did not discuss Josie.

The upcoming TBC poker tournaments to take place in Vegas next month, which will be held with our without Tony himself....again, although we did not discuss Tony himself.

Me, playing the worst poker I've played in the past three years.  Seriously, I was a total donkey tonite. Apparently I couldn't handle the "pressure" of playing with both Grump and grrouchie, and I just collapsed under said pressure.  I literally handed grrouchie my entire $200 stack at one point early, and he didn't even thank me for it.  Probably the worst played hand in my life.  It was not only costly, it was extremely embarrassing.  Somehow, I eventually recovered and ended up a little bit ahead for the nite, finally managing to play a few hands correctly without just spewing chips all over the place.

Prudence, somehow managing to go the entire evening without talking about her vagina....or anyone else's vagina, for that matter.  She didn't say the word one time the entire evening, possibly a record for her.

Grrouchie, playing poker like he was illegitimate son of Phil Ivey and Jennifer Harman.  The man was totally on fire, and I'm pretty sure he won every single pot he entered.  I believe he left with at least $200,000 in winnings.  (IRS, please take note)

I just pray I can remember the other highlights of the evening. 

Poker Grump has already posted his version of the night here.

And part one of grrouchie's take can be found here.

And part two of grrouchie's take is now here the full story of this nite of poker has been told here and here.
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Grumpy & Grrouchie & Prudence....Oh My!
Grumpy & Grrouchie & Prudence....Oh My!
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