Even When I Win With Pocket Kings, I Lose

This story dates back to last year, one of the 3-day holiday weekends, back before I was regularly playing No Limit. It was also before I had developed the Dreaded Pocket Kings curse….or so I thought.
Michelle, the BSC dealer who never pushes me a pot, dealt me the dreaded pocket Kings in a 2/4 limit game.  At that time, I actually liked that, not then realizing what an awful hand that is. Amazingly enough, there were two more Kings on the flop.
Yes, my quad Kings did hold up.  I won about a $30 pot.
But here’s how I really lost.  Because of the holiday weekend, earlier in the day I had played around 4-5 hours at one of the locals poker rooms where they had a special promotion for the holiday.  Flop quads and win a $500 bonus.  If I had flopped those King’s at that casino instead of BSC, where they have no jackpots/promotions, I would have gotten $500, plus the pot, for hitting it.  Instead, I won $30.  Needless to say, while playing at the locals place during the promo, I didn’t see quads, and for that matter, I never even hit a set.
Timing is everything in life.  And thus, somehow, I figured out a way to lose with pocket Kings and flopping quads!
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Even When I Win With Pocket Kings, I Lose
Even When I Win With Pocket Kings, I Lose
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