Go All in for Boobs

As soon as I saw the poster below, I knew it belonged on this blog.

Go all in for Boobs!  What a concept!

My two favorite subjects right?  Poker and boobs!  The two  most covered (so-to-speak) subjects on this here blog.  And in one neat poster?  It just screamed out to me.

Turns out that fellow blogger "-S", aka "pkrdlr", author of the wonderful blog,
"Life as a Las Vegas Poker Dealer" had this flier in his latest post (see here).  So I just had to steal it.  Actually, I really did ask permission to "borrow" it.

And it's all for a good cause.  The M Resort,  where pkrdlr works, is sponsoring a charity poker tournament on October 20, 2012,  for "Hope 4 Lives", to fight breast cancer.  

So really, all this post is is a free plug.  But its all I can do, as I won't quite be back in Vegas in time to play in this event. 

So, sadly, no boobs for me.  

Oh well.  More for everyone else.
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Go All in for Boobs
Go All in for Boobs
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