More Big News: I've Joined Ante Up Magazine!!!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have joined Ante Up Magazine!  Yes, I'll be writing a monthly column for that terrific poker magazine, as I am now the official Las Vegas Ambassador for Ante Up.

My first contribution is already online, you can see it here.  It is an interview with Jon Friedberg, the CEO of, which, of course, is the great website I've been working for since early September (see that announcement, here).  It is my goal to cover all aspects of the Vegas poker scene.  Obviously, for those of you who are regular readers of my blog, my contributions to Ante Up will be somewhat different in tone, content, and focus than some of my blog posts.

And welcome to all of you who are just now discovering my blog because of my association with Ante Up.  You might want to read this post here to get a feel for the background of this blog, and the story of how this blog came to be.  I should warn you, this is not a typical poker blog.  Much of the content isn't about poker in the main, and some of it might be considered a little bit "out there" to some of you.  Feel free to look around and check it out.  I hope you will find it worth your time, and will appreciate my twisteds attempt at humor.

The hard copy issue of the November Ante Up, with my first article, should start appearing in poker rooms around the country this week.  Be sure to pick up a copy.  Autographs available on request. It's the one with Greg Raymer on the cover.

Alert readers of my blog might recall this paragraph from this post here:

Furthermore, there’s something else I’m doing now that will take time away from the blog too. I don’t want to reveal it yet; all in good time. But again, ironically, what I’m referring to is something that I hope will bring more attention to my blog, even as it will give me less time to do blog posts.
Now you know. :)

By the way, if anyone has an ideas for what they'd like to see from me in Ante Up about Vegas and poker, please let me know.  One of my (many) email addresses is listed to your right.  You can also use the comments section or my twitter ID (@robvegaspoker).

Thanks, everyone.  This is an exciting opportunity for me, as I'm sure you can imagine.

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More Big News: I've Joined Ante Up Magazine!!!
More Big News:  I've Joined Ante Up Magazine!!!
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